Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Top 10

I ran across the blog of an old friend- well actually, Amber is my brother's old friend. But I like her. So, I consider her my friend too. She's hilarious. I had to make myself stop reading in class because I was laughing too hard. To the point my stomach hurt. It was not good. I mean, it was good. But bad. All at the same time.

One of my favorite things on her blog was her Top Ten List- this is her intro:
Due to so many people being currently interested in my romantic status, I have decided to lay it all out there for everyone. Thus, I have composed a list of the top 10 men I would date. If you know one of them, feel free to set me up. If you do not have connections with any of these 10 men, do not set me up. I'm tired of going on dates with people who resemble wolverine (and I wouldn't even go so far as to say he resembled the pseudo hot version of wolverine as done by a handsomely hugh jackman) or who want to take me on a tour of their church. Yes this actually happened...on the first date. Therefore, either follow these guidelines, or don't set me up. It should all be rather simple now.

I am now following in her footsteps. Here is my Top Ten: (in no particular order)

10. Anderson CooperSmart? Witty? Rugged looks? Looks hot in a suit? Sounds like a win-win-win-win sitch to me. I love him. I don't always agree with him, but I do like to look at him. And I think I would love to sit and talk to him for a minute.

9. Luke Danes from Gilmore GirlsEverything good about men is summed up in Luke Danes. I know he is fictitious (as are a few men on this list), but I just adore him. I like that he's no-frills, no-nonsense, down-to-earth-- but still a nice guy. Sometimes the girls on Gimore drove me crazy, but Luke Danes could never do any wrong for me.

8. Tyler WattsAlabama quarterbacks are usually cute. Just sayin. (See John Parker Wilson) My first college football crush was on Tyler Watts. He played for Alabama when I was finishing highschool/starting college- so we're the same age. And this is important. Because it meant that (in my mind) we could actually end up together. Maybe this didn't happen. He's still around Alabama football- calling games and stuff on Saturdays in the fall. But, I still love him. A lot. And he looks good in a suit too.

7. Jarrod SaltalamacchiaHe played for the Braves for a hot minute. And it was over. I got nothing else. I just think he's adorable. And if you're gonna have a ridic last name, might as well go big, right?

6. Seeley BoothOh. My. Word. This man makes my heart jump. Seriously, he loves God, kids, monogamy and fighting crime. What else could you possibly want in a man? If you don't watch Bones, you should. Now. Like, right now. Get up and start watching it.

5. Nathan ScottHe may be a work of fiction, but he is the perfect mix of bad boy and southern gentleman. Good grief. Nothing angers me more than when the writers of OTH try to mess with Nathan.

4. Eli ManningI mean, he played SEC football, won a Super Bowl, and is related to Archie. Uh, yes please.

3. Adrien GrenierI feel in love with Chase in Drive Me Crazy. Then he showed up on the greatest show ever- Entourage. If you don't like him, I really do not understand.

2. Jason Morgan
If you're thinking WHO? Let me tell you. This is Jason Morgan. Used to be Quartermain. But. He got hurt. And didn't remember them, so he got a new name and a new life. Now he works with Sonny Corinthos in the coffee business in Port Charles. Sometimes he dates the most annoying people ever (ie Sam), but that's his only flaw. Oh. Yeah. He's on General Hospital. I love him. And have loved him for about 13 years.

1. Anthony DiNozzo, NCISHeaven help me, I love this boy. He plays the perfect mix of bad boy, smart guy, and sweet heart. I love him. And he reminds of one of my favorite people on the earth, Heath. He is one of my bff's from college- and DiNinozza reminds me of Heath SO much. And I love DiNozzo... maybe more than Heath. It's still a toss up. But he's my number one. Done. And DONE.


magnoliabelle said...

Yup! I approve! Especially of DiNozzo! LOVE HIM!

Bone said...

Jason Morgan is definitely man-crush material :)

~April~ said...

Thanks for passing this on, Cami! makes me want to make my own list...oh wait, I'm married...shhhh

Kate said...

Great list! I am so with you on 5 and 1