Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My friend told me that I needed to update my blog. I do. I have been crazy busy. Out of control. All good. But busy for sure!!
Here's where I've been....

Went to Walking Wisely at Sharptop in Jasper- UH-mazing. This is me w/ some of my girls before the first night of worship. Such an amazing weekend-- I'm gonna miss my girls SO much next year!!
Voddie Baucham came to my church for a 2 day conference. To say he wrecked me is a VAST understatement. And my BFF Adam came into town for the conference. Double win. Epic. If you've never heard Voddie, you are SO lacking. He is a thinking man's speaker. Absolutely challenged, pushed, and encouraged by hearing him speak.


Went to Tuscaloosa for Alpha Phi initiation (so, I'm actually greek. Weird.) AnneTaylor and I made mom take a million pictures of us around the stadium. We're precious. We know.

We had to climb the wall to jump up here with these two fellas. Worth it? I think so.

My favorite pic. Cute of us. Over the greatest name in Alabama football history.

With THE Coach.
More to come soon. End of the 9 weeks is upon us. I'll have more time soon!!

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Bone said...

Ahhh, you were in Tuscaloosa! I think we're going to the A-Day game next month.

And the Kenny Chesney concert in Bham in May :)