Thursday, January 22, 2009

Prestige Rankings

Have you been following ESPN's Prestige Rankings-- very interesting.... Check it out!

Top 5 comes out tomorrow.... but #6 is already here, so you should be good!

6. Alabama Crimson Tide
Total points: 1,534
Positives: Alabama has won seven national titles, tying with Oklahoma and USC for the second-most by any program. Three of those five titles came in a five-year span in the '60s. The Tide had another big run with three in a seven-year span in the '70s. It's no wonder that Alabama was the second-best program in the '70s, trailing USC in the decade by a single point. Bama has the most bowl appearances (52) and bowl wins (28) of any program.

Negatives: Alabama was not its usual dominate self in the '80s, finishing 15th in that decade. But the thing holding the Tide back in the overall standings is the BCS era (since 1998), in which they rank 28th. They have had three losing seasons this decade, the most in a decade since the 1950s (1954-57). They haven't won a major bowl game since 1992 and haven't had a first-round draft pick since 2000.

Through the decades: Through 1958: 12th | 1968: 3rd | 1978: 4th | 1988: 2nd | 1998: 3rd

Did you know? Despite all its tradition, Alabama has never had a Heisman winner.


Bone said...

6th?? Oh come on! So we had a bad ten year run during Dubose/Fran/Price/Shula years.

patrick said...

We are higher than Floriduh. That's good enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Roll Tide {no matter what}! Great blog - I had to check out anything fabulous enough to be called the Sassy Flip Flop :)