Sunday, December 9, 2007


So, from time to time, I'll decide to wear my beautiful fake diamond ring.

it is freakishly huge- like 4 or 5 carar solitaire and smaller pieces all around the band.
but absolutly beautiful.

I wear it when I'm feeling sassy.
Or when I need a break from all the gentleman callers who are banging my door down.
Or just because I want to create a little drama in the boring lives of the people around me.

But, the last time I wore it, I startd to realize something on a bigger.
I really want to get married. It's something my heart desires.
But, when I was wearing that ring the other day, I realized that as much as I want a husband. And as much as I want to get married, I realize more and more that HE will not be my everything.
The ring serves as a reminder that a ring, or a wedding, or even a husband won't complete me.

Only God in heaven can complete me.
Only He can by my everything.

I still want that husband.
But I want God more.

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